Don’t be fooled, this avocado is actually a coin purse


This avocado coin purse is deceptively realistic.

Recently, GuacOn, a company that specializes in products that pay homage to the pear-shaped fruit, shared a video on Instagram that, at first glance, comes across as an optical illusion. In the clip, an unlabeled avocado sits in an unassuming pile of labeled ones. A hand then grabs it to reveal that it’s actually a coin purse.

Made of vegan silicone and priced at $14.95, the purse is “the ultimate gift for a true AVOlover,” according to GuacOn’s website.

“It truly is everythingyou’ve avo wanted,” the product’s description reads. “But please be careful, this incredibly realistic coin purse will fool even the most savvy avocado connoisseur. Please do not leave in the kitchen unattended and be prepared for a ton of questions and puzzled looks from those around you.”

The purse, which ships from GuacOn’s warehouse in Utah, currently has a five-star rating and a number of glowing reviews from customers.

“Holy guacamole,” one person wrote. “My family was totally fooled by this coin purse. It blends in so well with the stash of avocados in our kitchen.”

“These are so cute and very realistic,” another added. “Fooled my husband! Also seem to be very substantial and well-made. A fun product!”

Other buyers described the coin purse as the perfect pick-me-up.

“Ordered as a gag gift for a friend,” one reviewer wrote. “Arrived during these trying times. I sent her pictures of the coin purse (will give it to her in person when able). Her response: ‘OMG I LOVE THAT!!!!’ She further commented that she really needed this laugh and that her kids loved it too. Mission accomplished.”

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