The easiest washi tape DIY projects you can do at home


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Spending more time at home means finally getting to those DIY projects you’ve pinned to your Pinterest boards. One of the easiest materials to use in multiple projects is washi tape. With its versatility (it can easily be removed off various surfaces) and its plethora of designs, washi tape can instantly add color and texture into a variety of crafts.

In this episode of Home Hacks, we’ll show you how to add frames to pictures and artwork without actually having to buy frames, how to organize your jewelry box and more with only using washi tape.

See the tips below, and be sure to watch the video above to see the washi tape tutorials in action.

Washi tape ideas to try at home:

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  1. Spruce up an hors d’oeuvre platter with fancy toothpick pendants. Simply place a toothpick on the sticky side of the washi tape and fold over the toothpick. Then cut the end twice at an angle to make a flag shape.

  2. Give your smart phone a redesign. Trace the shape of your phone and be sure to leave space for the camera lens. Add different designs of washi tape for a fun new look.

  3. Re-organize your jewelry box by making a jewelry tree on your wall. Use washi tape to draw out a simple tree design, and use push pins to hang jewelry on the “tree.”

  4. Use washi tape instead of frames to liven up bare walls. The options are endless with different washi tape patterns!

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