Toss your free weights — this 6-pound Gorilla Bow feels like lifting 300 pounds

You’ll never need free weights again after using the Gorilla Bow. The uniquely designed resistance band is made “using the fundamentals of the ancient bow Home Gym Resistance Training Workout Plan with Gorilla Bow,” according to the product’s description.

Although it only weighs 6 pounds and is 56 inches long, the Gorilla Bow has a weight capacity of 300 pounds of tension. The low-impact tool can provide users with a total body workout without placing stress on their joints. The tension levels can easily be adjusted using different color-coded bands.

The innovative exercise tool was created by entrepreneurs Chris Caouette and Tom Whittington, both of whom are archery fans and wanted to develop a new piece of fitness equipment.

“With his background in technology, Chris’ hands-on experimentation in the early stages proved critical,” Gorilla Bow’s website notes. “Based on his knowledge of NFL training camps, Chris imagined combining the ergonomic design of a bow with the ability to change resistance. Before the idea was fully conceived, he imagined using a dial to adjust resistance, similar to a seatbelt from a car.”

The result is a product made of aircraft-grade aluminum and interchangeable elastic bands of varying resistance.

“Resistance bands create significantly less joint compression because they use tension instead of gravity, like free weights,” the company explained in its 2017 Kickstarter campaign, which ultimately raised nearly $21,000. “Therefore, bands can train using horizontal and rotational forces which create far less joint compression.”

See the Gorilla Bow in action in the clip above.

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