This ultra-compact bike folds into the size of a weekend bag


The Tuck Bike is a collapsible bike with a frame that folds into the size of a weekend bag. British inventor Alex Animashaun created the Tuck Bike for city life.

The blue-and-red bicycle looks like an ordinary bike, but its frame and wheels can be disassembled into an even more portable transportation method. This allows the rider to take the bike onto a subway platform without obstructing other commuters and easily store it at work or home. City-living often equates to living with much less square footage, so this space-saving bike is a great solution.

“The North Star has always been to create a bike that matches or exceeds the handling, feel and speed of your full-sized bike,” Animashaun told DesignBoom. “It’s meant to be a full-sized bike that also folds, not a folding bike. The feedback from riders is that we’ve achieved just that. Our research shows that the biggest turn-off with existing folding bikes is their small frame and wheels. Tuck Bike is the modern answer to urban commuters, as the foldable bike you’ll be proud to be seen riding.”

The Tuck Bike’s folding wheel system is the first of its kind and has a patent pending. It took three years for Animashaun to engineer the innovative design. The tires are meant to fold into three sections, almost like a slice of pizza, according to DesignBoom. It can be folded and unfolded in a couple of minutes.

Animashaun claims the wheel was the lynchpin of the design, adding that creating one that was foldable was the key to reimagining a compact bike.

“I wondered, what if you could fold the wheel? Impossible!…Or perhaps not,” Animashaun explained on Tuck Bike’s website. “So then I embarked on a multi-year journey of trying to reinvent the wheel.”

Watch the Tuck Bike unfold in the video above.

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