This ladder carries heavy objects so roofers don’t put their lives at risk

Safety Hoist Company’s electric material hoist can carry up to 250 to 500 pounds up a ladder. Designed for roofing jobs, the electric hoist eliminates some of the dangers associated with working at high elevations. Watch it in action as it securely slides heavy materials up a worker’s ladder.

According to a 2018 study from the Center for Construction Research and Training, roofers have the fourth most dangerous occupation in the United States. Fortunately, the electric material hoist appears to address some safety concerns the job comes with.

“It is the first material hoist on the market to move the operator safely away from the load by using a uniquely designed electric hoist with pendant-controlled operational,” the Safety Hoist Company notes on its website. “The pendant is connected to the hoist with a 16-foot cord, allowing the operator to stand a safe distance from the load — greatly enhancing operator safety. If the electric hoist loses electricity while in operation, a mechanical brake built into the hoist will hold the carriage in its existing position.”

The electric material hoist is free of carbon emissions (unlike gas-powered ones), making it friendly for the environment and safe to use both indoors and outdoors.

“Gas engines on conventional material hoists have many advantages, but are noisy, unsuitable for indoor use, and are not environmentally friendly,” the Safe Hoist Company points out.

According to the company, the electric material hoist has been shown to limit injuries resulting from carrying heavy loads or improper lifting. With an emergency-stop system in place, the hoist will automatically cease functioning if a cable snaps or its brake system fails.

Whether you’re a roofer looking for a safer solution or just interested in innovative engineering, the clip above will give you a peek at how efficient and powerful the electric material hoist is.

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