Stylist gives her boyfriend daily celebrity makeovers in quarantine

To “freshen up” her hairstyling skills in quarantine, a Georgia salon owner decided to test out elaborate looks on a brand new model — her boyfriend.

Heidi Lee Oley and Geoffrey Clark left Atlanta, Georgia, for a more secluded cabin to safely social distance and give their two dogs room to play.

Oley told Today she started to get bored in the wilderness and decided to “turn [her boyfriend] into George Washington.”

Oley estimates they spend at least an hour or two working on the project each day. The hair experiments have earned her a few thousand more followers since she began — and garnered tons of supportive comments.

“This guy is a keeper. Sense of humor and fun in hard times is rare,” Instagram user claire_count wrote.

Sometimes Clark gets really into the transformations. He told Today the “Star Wars”-inspired look was probably his favorite.

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Princess Geoffrey & baby yoda

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He doesn’t mind being used as a model at all.

“I kind of like it because we get a lot of comments from people who are out there — the health care workers and stuff — who say they love coming home and seeing a new picture of me,” Clark told Today. “I like that we’re making people smile.

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Geoff Malone - post Malone -

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Oley told Today she doesn’t plan to keep up the elaborate daily hairdos once they’re out of quarantine, but there’s a chance Clark’s alter ego could appear every once in a while.

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