Older sibling sparks debate over ‘innocent’ gift for younger sister: ‘Your parents are insane’


A Reddit user is sparking a big debate about parenting after sharing the “privilege” they secretly gave their younger sister.

The user, writing under the name “Throwway688fhd,” shared the conflict to the website’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum. The post, which has drawn hundreds of comments, shared what happened when Throwway688fhd possibly “undermined” his parents.

Throwway688fhd explained that they pay for the Netflix account that’s used by their entire family, including their parents and their 15-year-old sister, who still lives at home. However, the parents still request that the user’s younger sister only uses the streaming service in “kids” mode, which forbids access to content rated PG-13 or higher.

“She is getting incredibly sick of only watching kids shows as there is only so much of ‘Fuller House’ you can re-watch without getting bored,” Throwway688fhd wrote. She is a 15-year-old girl who can’t even watch a pg13 film as it’s not on her Netflix.”

‘I had one rule’

Throwway688fhd felt bad for their younger sister, who was going over to friends’ houses to watch shows like “Riverdale.” So the Redditor caved, and gave their sister access to a full login behind their parents’ backs.

“I had one rule and that was, ‘don’t watch anything you shouldn’t watch’ she has been sticking to that and at this moment has only watched ‘Stranger Things’ and ‘Riverdale,'” the user wrote.

However, Throwway688fhd wrote that they had been told by some friends that they were “undermining” their parents by doing this.

“[People said I was helping] her break rules my parents set up to protect her, and that when my parents feel it’s ready she will get adults Netflix,” the Redditor wrote.

‘You are undermining your parents'

Throwway688fhd asked their fellow Redditors if they were in the wrong, or if they were just helping out. The responses sparked a major debate about the roles of older siblings compared to their parents.

Many commenters felt that, while Throwway688fhd was certainly going behind their parents’ back, it was warranted.

“You are undermining your parents,” one user wrote. “But they made a stupid-a** decision so you’ve elected to ignore it. Neither you nor your sister are making decisions that are stupid or inappropriate for your ages.”

“It’s your account and you get to set the rules to it. She’s 15 and is sneaking around to watch her shows. That’s pretty sad quite frankly. Let the poor girl watch it and to hell with what your parents say,” another added.

Other users took their feedback one step further, saying that the parents’ rules were so strict that they needed to be broken.

“What kind of repressed parents do you have? Perfect way to cause resentment,” one user wrote.

“As classifications go, 15 year olds are classed as a “mature audience”. Your sister is more than old enough for PG and M/MA rated tv shows and movies. Your parents are insane,” another added.

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