Man writes song about quarantine to pass the time


Philip Bowen has pledged to write more original music in 2020. Like most Americans, he probably didn’t expect the year would kick off with a global lockdown. Many artists confined to their homes are devoting their time to creating new works, and Bowen is no different.

The violinist decided to write an upbeat song about the quarantines taking place in the U.S.

“Hopefully, this tune will lift your spirits a little during these surreal times! Stay safe everyone,” Bowen captioned his video on YouTube.

In the video, he sings and plays both the guitar and violin to create a folksy tune about staying inside.

“Uncle Sam is locking up and shutting down / Mickey Mouse is on the sidelines with a frown / It’s alright, you can read a book / Be a teacher, learn to cook/ What in the world is going on out there?” Bowen sings in one verse.

The musician, here, is referencing the shelter-in-place orders, the closure of Disneyland and the inevitable bouts of boredom that have taken place, as people have not only been forced to stay inside but also maintain distance from friends and family.

“Yeah I know we’re all locked up / And hear the world is gonna end / And all the news is bad / And you can’t even hug a friend / Take a breath and wash your hands / Buy only what you need / Make the best of what you’ve got / And we’ll get through this quarantine,” Bowen sings in the chorus.

The lyrics acknowledge the precarious nature of living through the pandemic and the uncertainty of whether things will be okay, while instructing others what to do during this time. Bowen’s advice lines up with that of the Centers for Disease Control Prevention, which recommends staying in, washing your hands and not overburdening brick-and-mortar businesses.

While Bowen’s tune may not hit the Billboard 200, it can bring a little comfort and joy to those grappling with the global crisis.

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