Fit dad incorporates 6-month-old baby girl into workout

There’s nothing like some good ole’ parental bonding. If sitting through another episode of “Peppa the Pig” sounds daunting to you, then incorporating your baby into an activity you enjoy for a change isn’t a bad idea.

The dad in the above clip, for example, decided to collaborate with his 6-month-old baby girl Alexa. In the video, he fastens his infant daughter into a baby carrier before lifting his arms to do a few lifts at the gym. He does a few counts, as she kicks her feet with every pull-up.

“This is a pull-up challenge — progressive resistance training (lifting increasing weight) is one of the best ways to avoid the dreaded ‘dad bod,’ which makes babies the perfect piece of workout equipment,” the father explained, according to Newsflare. “They gain weight and add resistance to your workout every day!”

Dad-and-baby workouts have gotten so popular that some folks have even begun formulating regimens with baby equipment. AskMen, for instance, put together a list of workouts that can be done with a stroller, high chair and a diaper bag. The peekaboo stroller sit-ups, in particular, are sure to be a hit with abs-focused dads.

“Getting into a sit-up position, hook your feet onto the base of your stroller,” Sharon Feiereisen of AskMen recommends. “Holding your baby’s diaper bag towards your chest, slowly lower down keeping your core tight. Hold for one to three counts at the bottom before getting back to your original position. Do this 10 times. To make this harder, add more weight inside the diaper bag; to make it easier, remove the diaper bag from this exercise.”

Any time spent between parent and child is unwasted, but with great parenting comes a very hectic schedule. If you decide to take on a dad-and-baby exercise, your baby will have no idea that you’re multitasking and see it as another form of playtime.

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