You only need instant coffee, sugar and water to make this whipped coffee


Self-taught home chef Jessica of Jessica In The Kitchen has got an easy five-minute recipe for making whipped coffee. This sweet, fluffy coffee can be had hot or cold, according to your preference. Not only is this bad boy rich and bold in flavor, it is pretty darn Instagrammable.

Whipped coffee is a popular beverage in many cultures. In South Korea, it’s known as Dalgona coffee. In Greece, it’s called a Frappe. And in India, it goes by Beaten coffee.

You’ll need a granulated sugar — it can be white, brown, raw or coconut sugar. You even use monk fruit sweetener in its place. Mix in your sugar with instant coffee and boiling water in a bowl. Then, using a hand mixer or stand mixer, whip the ingredients together on a high-speed setting for roughly two minutes. If you do decide to mix it by hand, note that the process can take 20 minutes, so do so at your own risk of a sore wrist.

Jessica notes that while you can make the whip without sugar, using sugar allows it to stay whipped and fluffy for much longer. Next, add your favorite milk — it can be dairy, soy, almond or milk. Try adding a few iced cubes for a cold drink or heating up the milk beforehand for a warm, comforting beverage.

Not only can the whipped coffee be used as a drink, it also makes for a great topping for brownies, cookies, ice cream or any of your favorite sweet treats.

Whipped coffee seems to have taken the internet by storm recently. According to Fox News, the foodie trend became popularized by South Korean TikTok users before American users caught on. If you’re self-isolating like most of the world is right now, this might be a fun way to get your fancy coffee fix while having fun experimenting in the kitchen.

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