Watch this teen transform into her dream travel-inspired drag queen

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Hawaii-native Jade has long been inspired by the fabulous over-the-top dresses and colorful makeup of drag queens. Now, thanks to Marti Gould Cummings and Jasmine Rice LaBeija, the 18-year-old gets her chance to turn into her dream drag queen, Carrie On Luggage.

Jade says she was inspired to try drag because of her love for queer history. The art form is an integral part of queer culture, giving the community a way to experiment with gender presentation, celebrate queer identity and connect through radical expression.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

For Jade’s transformation, Gould and Cummings pick a flouncy leopard shirt and a billowy black-and-white polka dot shirt.

“This is very, like, a Carrie Bradshaw kind of thing,” Cummings says. Perfect for the next Carrie on the block.

Add in a long blonde wig, glittery makeup and lots of powder, and Carrie On Luggage is ready for the terminal. Jade says the look feels great, giving her the confidence and fierceness queens are known for.

Credit: Cyle Suesz for In The Know

“I will admit that the lashes are a bit difficult, but other than that, I mean, I can deal with it. Beauty is pain,” Jade says.

It’s true. Those lashes are something fierce.

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