Watch balloons pop out of this man’s eyeballs in this mesmerizing 3D art


Jon Noorlander is a 3D artist and executive creative director at Method Studios in New York. His colorful, strange and playful designs have made him a viral sensation on Instagram.

In the clip above, you can see a 3D sculpture of a human head. The face is purple and malleable. Lavender balloons appear to bulge out of the face’s eyes repeatedly until they take over the entire frame of the video. Noorlander captioned the video on his Instagram account with simply the phrase, “I spy with my little eye.”

Born in Sweden, Noorlander at first wanted to be an architect before discovering 3D art, according to art portfolio website Fabrik. The designer came to notoriety by sharing his work online.

“I made these digital sculptures which were well received online and [Vice Media’s] Creators Project wrote a post about it,” Noorlander told Fabrik. “On the back of that, I was invited to take part in an exhibition in Guadalajara, Mexico, where I made 21 48 x 60 inch prints.”

However, it wasn’t until Noorlander scored a clip he made with a song by electronic music dance trio Major Lazer that interest in his work really grew. The musicians liked his work so much they asked to use it.

“We used a Major Lazer track and, since it got super popular on the internet the next day, we got an email from them asking if we could supply them with the video, so they could use it on their own YouTube channel as a ‘remix’ music video,” he said. “That generated a lot more interest in us. It currently has more than 14 million views online. You never really know what’s going to take off on the internet, but my take on it is that most people can connect with dance in some way, no matter who you are.”

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