Girl unconvincingly pretends to like mom’s cooking in hilarious video


You can’t please everyone.

Annie Wilkins shared a throwback clip of her daughter, Piper, on Twitter as the then 4-year-old did her absolute best to convince her mom she was a fan of her cooking — although the child’s sour expression told a much different story.

Apparently, Piper, who just turned 7 years old this week, had eaten and loved her mom’s spaghetti many times in the past — but, as children often do, she changed her mind about the favorite dish one evening with no explanation.

“I had made spaghetti, like I had done many times before, with no one disliking it. It’s actually a dinner all my kids will eat!” Wilkins told In The Know. “We were all sitting down at dinner eating, and I look over at my daughter and she is gagging with every bite she’s taking. She isn’t saying anything to me, like she doesn’t like it or she doesn’t want to eat anymore. She just keeps eating it and gagging.”

Wilkins proceeded to do what any parent would in the face of such adorable behavior — she grabbed her phone and started filming the moment.

“I could not stop laughing, she wasn’t complaining or anything,” Wilkins recalled. “I told her she didn’t need to finish her dinner if she didn’t like it. She just looked up at me and said, ‘Oh, good.’ I gave her a big popsicle afterward.”

Since Wilkin’s shared the amusing clip on Twitter, it has racked up dozens of reactions from amused viewers.

“She is an absolute cultural icon and Whole Mood,” one user wrote.

“My husband and I have had THE BEST LAUGHS over this!” wrote another. “Can’t wait to show my kids in the morning.”

“This is the best thing I’ve seen all year,” added a third.

For those who may be wondering if Piper ever made peace with the offending dish — Wilkens says her daughter’s distaste for pasta has remained, even three years after #spaghettigate.

“Since that day, she does not like pasta,” Wilkens revealed. “I think she just doesn’t like the texture. Pretty funny.”

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