Burger King offers surprising solution to temporary closures: ‘We do what we can’


Burger King is sparking a major reaction from customers after revealing its plan to bring its food straight to their homes.

The announcement, which came via a tweet from Burger King France, offered a solution for the country’s fast food lovers, amid a two-week shutdown that forced all of the chain’s French locations to temporarily close.

But Burger King’s solution can apply to anyone in any country. The company is now offering a recipe for a “Quarantine Whopper,” which customers can make at home for themselves.

The recipe for “Le Whopper de la Quarantine” features just eight ingredients — buns, onions, pickles, ketchup, beef patties, mayonnaise, lettuce and tomatoes — is basically a guide to recreating the chain’s most famous menu item.

Burger King France even shared a step-by-step video, which shows how to make the mock-Whopper from home.

Additionally, the company shared recipes for “quarantine” versions of other popular items, such as its fish sandwich and its steakhouse burger.

The move provoked a massive response online, with hundreds of customers responding to share their thoughts — and of course, their home-cooked sandwiches.

“We do what we can, please send me one,” one Twitter user commented in French, along with a photo of their creation.

“Our house Whopper while waiting for your reopening,” another captioned their burger.

Others were less enthusiastic, commenting instead that a homemade Whopper might actually be better than the original.

“Don’t advertise like that. People will realize that homemade burger is 100 times better,” one user joked.

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