Baby polar bear is unfazed by zoo's lack of visitors during quarantine

Over at the Vienna Zoo in Austria, polar bear cub Finja seems to be handling isolation well.

According to zookeeper Alessa Esau, the fan favorite has been using her time sans visitors to do what she loves most: play with her yellow floating buoy.

“She likes playing in the water very much — she’s a true water rat,” Esau told the Associated Press.

The cub, who was born on Nov. 9, 2019, has grown quite a bit since the zoo was forced to close.

“[Finja] now comes in at almost 30 kilogrammes,” Esau said. “So she is considerably stronger and can throw her toy around [and] carry it with her … We have also observed that she is starting to lose her first milk-teeth. That means the real teeth will come out soon. And we are excited about her starting to nibble on meat.”

For curious Finja fans, the zoo has published a photo book that is available for purchase via its online shop. At the moment, the Vienna Zoo is scheduled to reopen on April 13.

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