14 easy cocktails you can make at home with what's already in your pantry

As many struggle to adjust to the new normal for what seems to be the foreseeable future in quarantine, it's not exactly a surprise that many Americans are hitting their liquor cabinets pretty hard.

Whether it's been state-instituted or self-mandated, the inability to go to restaurants and bars and order a craft cocktail or classic favorite has indubitably affected everyone, be it from a mental, financial or social standpoint.

Though most of us aren't professional mixologists or bartenders, being able to whip up a drink that tastes and looks good and somewhat elevated (no shame to the vodka soda game, however) can make you feel a little more normal in these days where the hours all seem to blend into one.

We tapped some of our favorite liquor brands to help us answer the question that's been on many minds this past month: How can I make a menu-worthy cocktail with materials that I already have in my home?

Not only will these drinks spare you a trip to the grocery store, but these companies are all doing incredible things to give back to their communities and beyond in wake of the coronavirus pandemic that we're all facing -- so you can feel good while drinking them, too.

Here are 14 cocktails you can whip up for that virtual happy hour on Zoom while schooling your friends about the charitable initiatives these companies are getting involved in: