Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'ain't having it,' won't stop working out in coronavirus pandemic

Ruth Bader Ginsburg 'ain't having it,' won't stop working out in coronavirus pandemic

Ruth Bader Ginsburg isn’t about to turn into a couch potato during the coronavirus pandemic.

The 87-year-old Supreme Court justice is still working out twice a week with her personal trainer while employing safeguards, the trainer told Law360.

Many gyms have closed to enforce social distancing during the pandemic. But Ginsburg continues using the Supreme Court’s private gym, trainer Bryant Johnson said. The instructor noted that the two are cleaning the equipment and keeping their distance while Ginsburg sweats through “planks, pushups and other exercises,” Law360 wrote.

“Everybody’s been shut down. The only reason why I didn’t shut the justice down is because, hey, she ain’t having it,” Johnson said. “If she wants to train, that‘s the least that I can do.”

Johnson detailed his star client’s routine in “The RBG Workout.”

According to a 2017 article in Politico, the session includes “a machine bench press, where Ginsburg normally puts up 70 pounds. From there it was leg curls and leg presses, chest flies and lat pull-downs, all on machines, while stretching the muscle groups being exercised in between sets.”

The justice, who’s been treated for cancer four times, declared in January she was “cancer-free.” And she wasn’t about to let the coronavirus impede her effort to stay healthy, even as the court closed to the public and postponed arguments.

“Her choice is, she doesn’t make excuses not to do it,” Johnson told Law360. “So we find ways to do it.”

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