Melissa Wood-Tepperberg shares 5-minute, no-equipment ab circuit


Finding the motivation to workout at home while in quarantine is distressingly hard.

Your home has already been turned into your office, does it really need to be a gym as well? (Sadly, the answer is yes, if you hope to keep up at least semblance of a fitness routine until we can all safely socially un-distance.)

Through this trying time, Melissa Wood-Tepperberg has served as a beacon of hope and health for us. The fitness coach and entrepreneur, who invented the MWH Method, has consistently been posting short, easy-to-follow workouts that often involve no equipment other than bodyweight (and an optional mat) on her Instagram account.

Wood-Tepperberg has also shared with In The Know a 5-minute, no-equipment ab circuit that is extremely easy to replicate in your own home at any point during the day.

Wake up ready to move? Blast those abs. Feeling good after your lunch break? Ab time. Need to expand that extra energy before bed? You get the drift.

“These are really difficult times that we’re living in,” Wood-Tepperberg told In The Know. “I think it’s just really important to remind ourselves that even two minutes of movement can make the biggest impact in your day.”

Follow along with her ab workout in the video above.

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