It’s leg day — here are some lower body moves you can do right at home

In order to ensure you’re getting a balanced workout while in quarantine, it’s crucial to focus on different areas of your body each day while allowing other parts ample rest and recovery time.

If it’s way past time for you to get a good leg-day burn, we’ve got you covered — these simple moves will help you recreate your favorite gym movements right at home, allowing you to tone and sculpt your lower half, in the safety of your own living room.


Nothing like a good run to work those legs. In lieu of an actual treadmill, create your own by sprinting in place for 30 seconds and repeating the movement five times over — engage that core and pull your knees up into your chest, keeping your arms pumping the whole time.

This move has an added bonus of getting your heart rate up into cardio territory as well.

Stair Master

No stairs? No problem.

Grab a dumbbell or other heavy object in your left hand and step up on a sturdy chair using your right leg for 5 sets of 12 reps — then, swap hands with your weight and repeat the movement with the left leg. You’ll be out of breath in no time, just like you were climbing the real thing.

Leg Press

You know them and you may hate them, but squats are the best way to recreate a classic leg press machine movement at home.

Squats, though unpopular, are a crucial leg-day staple, as they work your quads, hamstrings and glutes all at once, and can even challenge your core and back muscles when weights are added to destabilize your movements.

To add a challenge, grab a dumbbell or any sort of heavy household item and hold it to your chest while performing 3 sets of 10 squats.

Bonus move: Bulgarian Split Squats

Get ready to feel this in your glutes tomorrow.

Place one leg on a sturdy chair behind you and keep one foot on the floor in front of you in a split stance. Keeping your core engaged, drop your knee toward the ground and use your standing leg to push yourself back up for 3 sets of 10 reps.

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