Geoffrey Zakarian and his daughters share the secret to making the best scrambled eggs


When it comes to making breakfast, Geoffrey Zakarian is a true pro. And it turns out that the cooking gene definitely runs in the family.

This week, the Food Network host, "Iron Chef" star and New York City restauranteur whipped up a versatile morning with the help of his two daughters, Madeline and Anna. For those who have seen the @TheZakarianSisters on Instagram, you may be familiar with these young ladies' cooking demos and undeniably cute style.

Since Zakarian loves cooking with his girls, they got together in their home kitchen to have, as Zakarian called it, "a taco pah-ty."

"We're all at home. We're in the same boat. I'm at home with three children under the ages of 12," the chef said. "And it's tough, ya know, because you need activities. The great thing about this breakfast dish is it's an activity, and it's a yummy breakfast."

One of Zakarian's favorite things about breakfast tacos is you can use just about everything you have in the fridge or pantry. Different meats, cheeses and vegetables all work well when combined with eggs and a little salsa.

The Zakarians chose bacon, tomatoes, salsa, red onion, yogurt (instead of sour cream) and shredded cheddar cheese. Since the store was out of pico de gallo, Zakarian threw together his own by mixing up some diced onions, halved cherry tomatoes, cilantro and lime juice.

To really master that authentic taco taste and texture, Madeline dished up a little secret.

"Crisping the corn tortillas on the stove is one of the most important steps," she said. "People just sometimes eat it raw but it really (gets that) flavor when you crisp them. So you want to make it like 45 seconds on each side, depending how crispy you like it."

"You can put them on an open flame, like Madeline, or throw them in a pan," advised Zakarain, who prefers his tortillas charred.

The Zakarian family's tip for elevated eggs is aligned with Al Roker's "bacon is better" approach, who often uses bacon fat to enhance his dishes. After rendering the bacon, Zakarian and Anna scrambled the eggs in the leftover fat to get a richer, more savory flavor.

"Don't forget, we don't want to waste anything and the best flavor of all is in that bacon fat. I guarantee you're gonna love it," Zakarian said.

Once all the hot ingredients were prepared and the tortillas were toasted on an open flame, it was taco time.

"So this is where the fun comes in," Zakarian said. "You can just do what you want and everyone has their own way of building a taco. I like mine with as much on it as possible and finished with a big chunk of cilantro."

Ina Garten might disagree, as the Barefoot Contessa detests the zesty herb.

But to each their own taco!