Working mom pens letter to quarantined kids before meeting: 'Do not enter'


There are a lot of perks to working from home: a flexible schedule, comfortable clothes, no commute and no office distractions.

But one working mom summed up a big obstacle that parents face with having their kids home all day too.

A post shared on Reddit shows the note a working mom left out on her door for her kids — complete with a warning sign and two exclamation points.

Then underneath, the mom had clearly thought out every answer to every possible question her kids might bother her with for the duration of her work meeting.

“Covers about 95% of the questions to be honest,” one person replied to the post.

“Stealing it! Might add answers such as: absolutely not, in the fridge, hit him back but harder,” another Reddit user said.

“If only that worked for infants and toddlers…” a third person responded.

Others tried to come up with funny scenarios where the answers wouldn’t necessarily work.

“MOM THE HOUSE IS ON FIRE WHAT DO WE DO!!!!?? Mom: Piece of fruit,” posted replied.

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