Woman receives ‘heartwarming’ gift from refugee family: 'I'm so grateful'


Back in 2016, author Robin Stevenson sponsored a refugee family and helped them immigrate to Canada. And now, four years later, that refugee family is repaying Stevenson’s act of kindness by helping her get groceries while she’s quarantined.

On March 23, Stevenson posted on Twitter about what her old friends had done for her.

“Back in 2016 we sponsored a refugee family to come to Canada. Today, knowing that we’re self-isolating because of travel, they brought bags of food to my front porch,” she wrote. “Beans, dates, noodles, lentils, tahini, veggies, meat, and candy for my kid. So kind… and I’m so grateful.”

But the refugee family didn’t stop there. In a follow-up tweet, Stevenson noted that they also delivered food to her parents, both of whom are elderly and therefore at higher risk for severe illness.

Stevenson has used the tweet’s viral status — to date, it has more than 6,000 retweets and more than 53,000 likes — to promote refugee rights.

“I wanted to share this because it was so lovely, but also because I want people to understand how much refugees do for the communities they resettle in,” she said. “My city and my country are better, kinder and richer in so many ways because of the contributions of newcomers.”

People are moved by what the refugee family did for Stevenson and her family.

“Twitter has been a pretty scary and negative place recently. This is lovely, kind and so heartwarming to see. I hope more of this shows up in my feed!” one user wrote.

Many people even shared similar stories of kindness and generosity they’ve experienced from refugees.

“Awww. I’ve done volunteer work with refugees for many years, and they are invariably the kindest & most generous people you will ever meet,” one person said.

“A refugee family moved into our neighborhood several years ago and my son and grandchildren took a potted flowering shrub over as a welcome gift. My family didn’t come home. For hours… They’d been invited in, fed a meal, and were sent home carrying bags of groceries!” another user shared.

Sometimes, delivering some groceries is all it takes to completely change a person’s day — or life.

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