Show love to your local mail carriers and delivery workers with this DIY care package

Not all heroes work in hospitals.

Schools are closed and offices are shuttered, but for mail carriers, the daily workload is only getting heavier during these turbulent times. They’re out and about while so many of us are hunkered down at home, diligently bringing us packages, postcards and — pretty soon! —stimulus checks.

I’m a steadfast online shopper, and although money management is more important than ever, I still want to show support to retailers, many of which are really struggling right now. That means that in addition to USPS workers, there are FedEx and UPS staffers heading to my doorstep as well.

Cash tips aren’t a bad idea, but they’re not always feasible, especially when most mail carriers swiftly come and go without ringing doorbells. But a lack of face-to-face interaction shouldn’t stop us from showing gratitude. Whether you have a friendly relationship with your local postal worker or have never really met, a simple gesture of appreciation can go a long way.

To that end, I started assembling a box. Nothing fancy, just your everyday cardboard box — and, in normal situations, the stuff inside would seem pretty weird. Who would’ve guessed, a few months back, that toilet paper would be hard to come by? A few rolls were the first necessary items.

Perhaps even more crucial was a mini bottle of hand sanitizer. Inside my bathroom cabinet, I found an old, unused travel bottle meant for shampoo. I washed it off and added several big pumps of hand sanitizer from a jumbo bottle I grabbed at Walgreens a few weeks back. (It’ll probably go down as my best purchase of 2020.)

Feeling inspired, I moved on to Clorox wipes. I grabbed a few, sealed them up in a Ziploc bag and added a little label. Done.

To round out the package, I tossed in tea bags, soup cans, travel packs of Kleenex, and even a few books. After affixing a handwritten note and a little bit of decoration (why not?) I popped it on my front step.

For a full demo, watch the video above. And continue staying safe!

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