Here’s what an Italian pasta factory is doing to help out during the global crisis


In Italy, dry pasta is in demand now more than ever. And to keep up with this demand, food company La Molisana — the fourth largest pasta producer in Italy — is ramping up production significantly.

In an interview with the Associated Press, Flavio Ferro, La Molisana’s chief operating officer and partner, said that the company sends out “500 tonnes of pasta every 24 hours” in normal circumstances. At the moment, the factory is “running at 800 tonnes per day.”

To keep things simple and streamline the process, La Molisana has decided to only produce “a little over 10” types of pasta for the foreseeable future. Under normal circumstances, the company produces around 60 pasta variations.

Increasing production isn’t the only thing La Molisana has done to help during the global crisis. The Ferro family has also donated three ventilators to a local hospital in Campobasso, where their company is based.

Thank you La Molisana!

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