Woman stuns colorblind boyfriend with ‘perfect’ gift: ‘This is what actual color is like?’

A college student is going viral after she recorded the moment her boyfriend saw full, vibrant colors for the first time.

Halie Dorsa gave her boyfriend, Justin Skapczynski, a pair of colorblind glasses for their one-year-anniversary. Skapczynski, 22, has been red-green colorblind since birth, meaning he’s only seen what he described to BuzzFeed as a “muted” version of the color spectrum.

But that changed when Dorsa, 20, presented him with his new gift, and recorded his charming reaction. Dorsa shared the clip on TikTok, where it’s been viewed more than 21 million times.

In the video, Dorsa simply presents the gift as a pair of sunglasses, which Skapczynski tries on after some trepidation. Soon, he begins to realize what’s going on.

“Whoa, they have a really cool tint to them, it’s like, pink and red and — I’m colorblind, so I wouldn’t really know,” Skapczynski says as he tries out the glasses.

Dorsa then presses her boyfriend further, helping him realize what he’s seeing.

“They’re not colorblind glasses, are they? No way!” he says. “This is what actual color is like? No way!”

Skapczynski begins to freak out, excitedly looking at his bright red pants before leaving his car so he can see more. The heartfelt exchange lasted so long that Dorsa shared two more videos of her incredulous boyfriend.

“Are they really that bright?” Skapczynski asks about his red pants in the second video. “My style is so weird now.”

The videos show the 22-year-old getting excited by seemingly mundane sights, including trees and gas station signs. He told BuzzFeed that now, thanks to his girlfriend’s thoughtful gift, his favorite color is green.

“I love wearing [the glasses] outside and seeing how green the trees really are. It’s incredible,” Skapczynski said.

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