8 perfect birthday gifts for an Aries, separated by traits

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Aries season is in full swing, folks. For those whose birthdays fall between March 20 and April 19, it’s time to celebrate another trip around the sun.

Unfortunately, with the current state of the world, the most conventional ways of commemorating the occasion aren’t possible as social distancing practices are being mandated across the country. Hence, those who fall under the Aries umbrella may be feeling a bit slighted at the moment. If an identifying ram in your life seems to fall under this description, we have a few gift ideas that are both tailored for this particular fire sign and can be used from the comfort of the good old indoors.

Before we get into the goodies, let’s go over a brief rundown of what Aries are known for. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac and this is said to translate into how they see themselves in everyday life. They are considered leaders of the pack and are known for their fiery spirit and initiative. After all, the sign’s element is fire, its color is red and its symbol is the ram — all of which are symbolic of power and vitality. Though they can be considered overbearing and aggressive to some and are said to be easily bored, Aries are known for their people skills and ability to make connections.

Check out some of the best gifts for Aries below, separated by traits and see how you can make their birthday just a little — or a lot — more special:


Shop: Zodiac Throw Pillow, $39 (Orig. $49)

Credit: Urban Outfitters

Aries are known for being extremely self-aware and confident in their own skin. A major part of this sense of pride comes in the form of their unwavering and often headstrong astrological pride. This pillow is pretty direct in relaying that message — no beating around the bush — a trait this sign is known for exhibiting possibly more often than any other.

Sensitive and self-obsessed

Shop: Spongellé Zodiac Collection Fire Sign Buffer With Built-In Body Wash, $20

Credit: Spongellé

Though they are notorious for their self-reliant qualities and not needing the approval of others, Aries are also simultaneously sensitive at heart and self-indulgent.

Not ones to shy away from a bit of pampering, the Aries in your life would love this fire-sign-themed Spice Neroli body-wash-infused buffer from Spongellé. With its fragrance including pepper, cardamom, nutmeg and cinnamon, this spicy shower accessory is right on brand for your fiery loved one.


Shop: 10-Piece Nonstick Ceramic Cookware Set, $56.99 (Orig. $83.96)

Credit: Joss and Main

Aries are said to be fearless in the face of danger and what better way to exhibit this adventurous spirit than with cooking? With food, the possibilities of experimentation are endless and the only way this can be achieved is with some top-notch cookware.

Make sure they have everything they need with this extensive nonstick ceramic cookware set that over 1,000 shoppers rave “cooks evenly” and is dishwasher-safe.

Strong Leadership

Shop: Premium Debossed Leather Journal, $59.99

Credit: Personalization Mall

Aries is the first listed sign of the zodiac, so it should come as no surprise that they are considered natural-born leaders. Paired with their notoriously fervent work ethic, staying organized is a must for those who fall under this star sign. To enforce some order, get your Aries pal a leather-bound journal that can be fully customized with any text you choose.

Creative and social

Shop: Mixology Happy Hour Astrology Guide, $11.89

Credit: Target

Aries are known for being seamless social butterflies. Social gatherings may be strictly prohibited at the moment, but who says they can’t practice the “social” activity of cocktail making alone or with a couple of others — maybe a roommate or a best friend? To make things a bit more interesting, it’s astrology themed! Drinks paired with conversation? What’s not to love?

Persistent and competitive

Shop: Nintendo Switch Lite, $199.99

Credit: Target

If there was any sign that embodied the “keep your head in the game” mantra, it would be Aries, and this group can literally apply this philosophy through this Nintendo Switch Lite.

Virtual socializing is fair game and with this device, they can do so with tons of gamers across the world. If you’re on the hunt for a game to perfectly execute this, we recommend Animal Crossing: New Horizons.

Brave and impulsive

Shop: Hero 7 Silver Go Pro, $199.99

Credit: GoPro

If you’re looking to make a splurge to put a smile on your Aries loved one’s face, this gadget will do the trick.

Sure to warm their adventurous little hearts, GoPro devices are usually used in outdoor activities, but can also be used to shoot content on what is arguably considered the social media platform of the moment: TikTok. Get into it, guys!

Proud and self-assured

Shop: Aries Constellation Necklace, $15.50

Credit: Etsy

While some may seem proud and direct, it always stands as a good reminder that astrology is not a “one size fits all” philosophy. For those who may be proud, but would prefer expressing this in a more muted fashion, this Aries constellation necklace is the perfect gift.

Made of your choice of material (brass, gold, rose gold or silver) and cubic zirconia gemstones, you can have the Aries in your life flaunt his/her zodiac constellation as a charm that they’ll always cherish.

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