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When you need over-the-counter meds fast, there’s one company ready to get the job done. The online pharmacy brand Cabinet not only gets meds to you quickly (in two to three days tops), but it’s dedicated to becoming the first zero-waste medicine company in the world — and those are two pretty amazing missions we can get behind.

Cabinet offers 30 over-the-counter medicines with FDA-approved ingredients available in either individual bottles or handy kits — like its best-selling Preparedness Kit that’s stocked with hand sanitizer, flu medicine and more. And with amazing prices that come to about 55 percent less than brand names, Cabinet is a great way to affordably fully stock your medicine cabinet — you never know when you might need mucus relief or a sleep air. And for frequent travelers, you can pre-order Cabinet’s Mini Essentials Kit that includes TSA-approved-sized bottles of necessities to have while on-the-go.

As for Cabinet’s sustainability mission, all of its bottles and kits are made from fully recyclable materials, compared to the 5 percent of the 190 billion single-use plastic bottles produced annually by other pharmaceutical companies.

It’s time to skip extra trips to the drugstore because Cabinet is here to help — you don’t have to leave your couch to build-up your supply. Plus, for anyone experiencing financial instability because of the COVID-19 outbreak, Cabinet has instituted a “Pay-What-You-Can” policy to ensure that families have the health essentials they need to feel prepared. Simply send a request via email to or send a message on Instagram to @wearecabinet.

In times like these, you can never be too prepared, so below we’ve rounded up some of Cabinet’s best-selling items that are still in stock.

Shop: Fully Stocked Kit, $65 (Orig. $150)

Credit: Cabinet

Inside the kit:

  • Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer (w/ Ibuprofen) – 100 tablets

  • Pain Reliever & Fever Reducer (w/ Acetaminophen) – 100 tablets

  • Stomach Relief – 75 softgels

  • Allergy Relief – 100 tablets

  • Daytime Severe Cold and Flu – 48 softgels

  • Nighttime Cold & Flu – 48 softgels

  • Mucus Relief & Cough Suppressant – 40 softgels

  • Sleep Aid – 100 softgels

  • Instant Hand Cleanser

  • Lip Balm

Shop: Preparedness Kit, $30 (Orig. $40)

Credit: Cabinet

Inside the kit:

  • Hand cleanser

  • Daytime Cold & Flu (Compared to DayQuil)

  • Nighttime Cold & Flu (Compared to NyQuil)

  • Acetaminophen 500mg (Compared to Extra Strength Tylenol)

Shop: Daytime Severe Cold & Flu, $12.50 (Orig. $20)

Credit: Cabinet

Shop: Cetirizine Allergy Relief, $14.50 (Orig. $35)

Credit: Cabinet

Shop: Extra Strength Headache Relief, $10 (Orig. $14)

Credit: Cabinet

Shop: Mucus Relief, $12 (Orig. $26)

Credit: Cabinet

Shop: Sleep Aid, $10 (Orig. $13)

Credit: Cabinet

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