10 feel-good stories of the week


An imaginary friend-filled birthday party. A John Lennon cover. A homemade runway show and a security guard turned social-media manager. We could all use some good news right about now.

As the coronavirus pandemic rages on, we scavenged the internet for the videos and photos that made us laugh and warmed our hearts, reminding us of the good in the world. Here are our favorite feel-good stories of the week.

Doctors leave internet in tears with beautiful "Imagine" cover

Drs. Elvis Francois and William Robinson took a break from patients this week to spread a little love amid the coronavirus crisis. Both are chief residents in the orthopedic department of the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota and have gained quite the internet following for their spectacular musical renditions. But it was their cover of John Lennon's "Imagine" on Monday that shot the doctors to internet stardom.

“The song [is about] hope and having the world coming together as one. In order to beat this thing and self-isolate and quarantine ... it’s going to take everybody. And so, the message of that song kind of hit home,” Robinson, who plays the piano, told ABC News.

“There are so many things in the world that divide us and that particular song is a song that is meant to bring people together,” Francois, the singer in the video, said.

Man soothes baby to sleep with his beard

Eddie, who goes by the Instagram handle large_bearded_man, posted a video of himself soothing his baby to sleep ... with his beard. The adorable video was shared to the social media site earlier this month and shows the infant being coddled by Eddie, who uses his facial hair to quickly lull the baby into a slumber.

Cat interrupts ballet teacher's live lessons

Amelia Love Clearheart has a lot on her plate, including balancing virtual ballet lessons for her students and appeasing a very demanding cat named Aurora. Due to the virus outbreak, Clearheart, from Seattle, was forced to move all her classes online for the time being, but it seems that Aurora may not enjoy sharing her.

In a video posted to Twitter this week, Clearheart can be seen conducting her lessons in her apartment, just barely avoiding kicking the cat as she twirls. At one point, Aurora gets so frustrated with her owner that she springs straight into a surprised Clearheart's arms.

Man takes quarantine fashion to the catwalk

Quarantine fashion means an endless rotation of sweatpants, robes and pajamas, and one Twitter user knows this struggle all too well.

Dallas resident Elias Aragaw, who goes by the handle TheFunkIsReal, took to social media this week to creatively model his self-isolation looks on Twitter in a homemade runway show. Aragaw dramatically struts down the catwalk living room in the cozy loungewear accessorized with latex gloves to ensure “he doesn’t bring no ‘rona home."

Check out his go-to looks above, including a "Netflix and Chill" Snuggie and a traditional Ethiopian robe. The video has garnered nearly 68,000 views since it first aired, on Monday.

Photographer uses drone to bridge social distancing and ask woman on date

Jeremy Cohen may be abiding by New York City's coronavirus lockdown, but that didn't stop him from stepping out of the dating pool.

The Brooklyn-based photographer went viral this week after he went to extreme measures to get the attention of a woman he spotted on the rooftop in his neighborhood. In the perfect coronavirus meet-cute, Cohen wrote down his contact information on a piece of paper and used his drone to deliver the information.

“Since I’ve been quarantined in my apartment for a week now, I was craving some social interaction," he said in the Twitter video, which has since garnered nearly 6 million views.

The bold move paid off for Cohen: The two scheduled a virtual date.

Security guard goes viral after taking over museum's Twitter account

The National Cowboy & Western Heritage Museum, in Oklahoma, was forced to close this month due to the ongoing coronavirus pandemic, leaving its Twitter account in the hands of the head of security, Tim.

Tim isn't exactly a social media expert, but his wholesome tweets have warmed the hearts of the internet. In the now viral postings, he talks about his grandson, confuses Twitter with Google, misuses hashtags and signs off every tweet with a polite "Thanks, Tim."

Check out some of our favorite messages from Tim, below.

Little girl has birthday party with imaginary friends

Courtesy: Main Event

Jacey Rudd was ready to celebrate her fifth birthday by bowling and playing arcade games with her classmates from pre-K, but her party was canceled due to the virus outbreak. To mark her big day, her family teamed up with Main Event, where the soiree was to take place, for a virtual birthday party topped off with cake, presents and imaginary friends.

“It really made our whole family realize that life is about the small stuff,” her mom, Brittany, told the New York Post. “Everything we did wasn’t much, but she liked it anyway. A kid is thanking you for Lysol and a doll!”

Teachers hold parade for quarantined students

Teachers in Massachusetts are getting creative with ways to boost their students' spirits during the statewide lockdown. Driving along their school's bus route, educators in Andover and Clinton staged a parade for their kids, complete with signs, music and an official police escort. The students also took part in the quarantine party, standing outside their homes and holding signs as the cars honked nearby.

Of course, the teachers kept their distance from their students, remaining in their vehicles as they made their way down the neighborhood streets.

"They are my students, my kids, they are my everything, and I just feel so brokenhearted right now that I can't see them,” teacher Meri Grimard said to reporters.

It seems that educators all over the country have had the same idea. Many other states have held their own parades, including Kansas, Minnesota and North Carolina.

Family turns house into nightclub for son's 21st birthday

Buying your first beer may be a rite of passage for most new 21-year-olds, but one New Jersey man was forced to mark the milestone birthday in quarantine. So, the young man's family got innovative by turning their garage into "Club Quarantine," complete with Dad dressed as a bouncer and Mom as the bartender.

Sister Emily Torchia posted a video of the celebration to TikTok, where it's since been viewed millions of times.