Waitress sparks generational debate with table cleaning video: ‘This a table of boomers’

An 18-year-old waitress is sparking an online debate after sharing a video of how two different groups of customers treated their tables.

The teenager, named Kaitlyn Brande, originally shared the clip to TikTok, where it has since received nearly 1 million views. Her quick video shows two tables, the first reportedly left behind by older customers, who she calls “boomers.”

“OK here’s all I’m saying, this is a table of five boomers [where] I took some plates out of the way already,” Brande says in the clip.

The waitress proceeds to show that the “boomer” table is covered with plates, food and napkins left behind after the group’s meal.

Then she shows the “Gen Z” table, which has all of its plates stacked together neatly — with considerably less trash.

“This is a table of six Gen Zs,” Brande says. “They did that. Just saying.”

The waitress told BuzzFeed that the purpose of her video was not to shame the “boomers” who didn’t stack their plates. Instead, she just wanted to praise the younger diners who did her a big favor.

“I’m not saying I expect people to ever stack their plates like that, because hey, I’m a person too,” Brande says. “All I’m saying is it was cool and helpful of the younger people, and I appreciated it.”

Several commenters on TikTok seemed to agree with Brande’s point, praising the teen for pointing out that just because someone is younger, it doesn’t mean they don’t have manners.

“Gen Zers have empathy that is rare to find in older generations,” one user wrote.

“She’s not complaining about the work,” another added. “She’s just showing the fact that boomers think they are owed respect when they can’t even show respect.”

Others seemed to disagree that age had anything to do with the situation, commenting instead that former service industry workers tend to be more mindful of their mess.

“All I’m saying is that it’s not about being boomers or Gen Z, it’s about thinking about others or not,” one user wrote.

“I’m 40 and I always stack and wipe because I served in my 20s,” another shared.

Some users felt that Brande was simply complaining though, telling her that she never should’ve brought attention to the dirty table in the first place.

“It’s not the customers’ job to clean the table … don’t be lazy,” one user wrote. “I have worked in the industry and never expected anyone to do my job.”

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