This holographic nail polish is like a galaxy in a bottle


In the age of having a personal brand, YouTubers have partially led the way. A variety of influencers have branched off into starting their own businesses. Cristine Rotenberg, otherwise known as Simplynailogical on YouTube, surrounds her business around nail polish that you’ll want to look at in a whole new light.

Holo Taco is still fairly new, having launched in July 2019. Rotenberg’s encompasses a love for holographic nail polish — or holo for short. Her channel consists of nail art, hacks and how to use her Holo Taco nail. The entire line consists of varying formats and shades of holographic top coats and base colors. Holo Taco carries super opaque polish shades like one coat black, indigo away, and not milky white.

But the real magic comes alive when you apply any of the scattered, linear or Flakie Holo Tacos. The name of brand comes from Rotenberg’s fanbase. Commenters often heard Rotenberg saying “Holo Taco” instead of “holo top coat” during nail tutorials. Additionally, the brand recently released a line of unicorn skin top coats. Each top coat offers a color-changing iridescent shift, depending on how the light hits. And depending on which base nail polish color you use, it can also change the unicorn skin colors entirely.

The collection is an easy way to spice up your nail polish game without a manicurist around. Plus, Holo Taco carries a series of base coats and nail tools for an easier application and removal. Not only do these polishes make great for Instagram photos, but also as a gift idea. All of the Holo Tacos have 4.9 stars, each one with hundreds of reviews that rave about this line. Though the brand isn’t shipping out items at the moment, you can still place orders. Plus, everything on the site is under $15. Shop some of the best Holo Tacos below:

Shop: Flakie Holo Taco, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Cosmic Unicorn Skin, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Rainbow Snow, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Solar Unicorn Skin, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Play Rosé, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Protective Peel, $12

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Midnight Spark, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

Shop: Linear Holo Taco, $13

Credit: Holo Taco

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