Bartender stunned by anonymous customer's generous tip: 'I'm gonna cry'

On March 15, the staff at a Virginia restaurant got the surprise of a lifetime when an anonymous customer left an extremely generous tip.

The customer was visiting Palani Drive in Richmond, Virginia, when he decided to leave a $100 tip on his $18.33 bill. (Palani Drive has since shut their doors to sit-down customers for their own safety.)

“This sucks,” the customer wrote next to his tip, referring to the ongoing pandemic that has left restaurants either empty or closed. “I’m sorry things are slow. This isn’t much, but hope it helps.”

On March 15, Bartender Chelsea Keyton — who was the recipient of the generous tip — posted a photo of the receipt to her Facebook, writing, “I’m gonna cry.”

“When I picked [the receipt] up, my face, my jaw just dropped,” Keyton told NBC 12. “I was just completely blown away.”

The same day, Palani Drive posted a photo of the receipt to their Facebook. In their post, they wrote, “Today was a great reminder of what makes this community so great! Thank you to all of those who are looking out for your neighbors.”

People are inspired and moved by the anonymous customer’s act of kindness.

“[I am] always encouraged by the generosity and goodness of others,” one person wrote on Keyton’s post.

“That was such a wonderful thing!” another Facebook user added.

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