This wool sock will help your avocados ripen faster


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Getting an avocado to ripen isn’t always easy. You can try the paper bag method or just wait it out to let time do its thing. But here’s a hack that’s equal parts cozy, practical and oddly adorable.

You may not know it, but your avocado needs a sock.

Avocado Socks are wool avocado ripeners that claim to ripen avocados gently and evenly in about 48 hours. The sock is made of pure Shetland wool that helps move along the ripening process, thanks to its natural lanolin and cozy warmth.

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To use the Avocado Sock, you simply place an unripe avocado into the wool holder. When placed in a warm, dry place, an avocado can ripen in as little as 24 hours. The sock can also be used to ripen other fruits and vegetables, too.

“Seriously, this thing works,” one customer writes. “I bought three of them. My mom made fun of me when I bought this. I immediately put it on an avocado I had just purchased which was rock hard. We were eating it the next evening. My mom stole a sock from me. It just works.”

One Avocado Sock is $17, which is an investment. But the reviews may just convince you to buy a cute little sock for your favorite fatty fruit.

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