The three best workouts you can stream for free during quarantine

The three best workouts you can stream for free during quarantine

As we all begin to settle into what will inevitably become our new normal for the foreseeable future amid the coronavirus pandemic, many of us are making new routines and daily rituals in order to maintain a sense of control and calmness amid the calamity.

One way people are channeling their frustrations and anxieties is through working out, with social media feeds and the internet at large flooded with hundreds of fitness professionals and influencers offering free workouts, classes and tips from the comfort of your own living room.

But the overabundance of fitness options available online can seem as daunting the feelings of overwhelmingness that you're precisely trying to escape, and not having your go-to gym or boutique class to escape to can leave you feeling completely lost.

In times of uncertainty its sometimes best to stick to the tried and true, and the three workouts below have been proven to deliver results not only physically, but mentally (some might even say spiritually, but we'll let you be the judge of that one!)

While scoring a spot in class or a one-on-one session with any of these renowned trainers will cost you more than the price of your average sports bra, they're stepping up in the time of crisis and running Instagram live sessions for free during this time of quarantine and isolation.

We broke down everything you need to know about the workouts, from how much you can expect to sweat to what equipment you need to how you can donate.


Where: Instagram -- workouts are live-streamed on the AARMY Instagram channel (@AARMY) as well as on channels of co-founders Akin Akman (@akiniko) and Angela Manuel-Davis (@AngelaManuelDavis) throughout the day and remain up for 24 hours. Check the @AARMY page for a full list of programming for the next day.

Who: Akin Akman, Angela Manuel-Davis

Akman and Manuel Davis need no introduction to those familiar with the elite fitness world -- both former SoulCycle master instructors, the legendary athletes have trained the likes of everyone from Oprah, to Karlie Kloss to Maria Sharapova to -- yes, really -- Beyoncé.

What: The new fitness concept, which launched popups in New York and Los Angeles, will push you to your furthest limit. The 'practices' are meant to be something to strive to not only complete but to excel at, a lesson in both goal setting and self-discipline that proves to offer a tangible way to measure the growth of both your mental and physical strength.

Each day of Instagram programming is different. 5-6 different live streams are run for 45-60 minutes sessions that vary between ab challenges, EMOM sessions, boot camps and cycling -- you will never be bored and you will always be challenged.

AARMY focuses on mental shifts and mindset changes -- instead of saying that you're discouraged by what you can't do, change your mindset to being inspired by that inability and use it to level up. The workout is just as much mental as it is physical.

Equipment needed: Mat recommended. You'll need an at-home bike if you plan on taking the cycling classes. Light and heavy weights along with resistance bands are recommended to get the maximum out of boot camp sessions but Akman will always offer modifications and equipment replacement options for those without. Time to put those heavy grocery bags to good use!

Bottom Line: If you want a killer workout that will push you to your limit while incorporating a community feel, join the AARMY. Instructors' virtual high-fives and constant shout outs to global 'recruits' tuning in around the world will keep you motivated and inspired throughout. AARMY stresses the concept of showing up to work at your maximum effort output for your team. Feeling like your efforts are making a dent and a difference for a collective whole can be extremely powerful in a time when self-isolation is abundant.

Donations: 'Recruits' are encouraged to purchase AARMY digital packs in whatever amount they can. 10% of all these pack sales to the World Health Organization.


Where: Instagram -- workouts are live-streamed at 11:00 AM EST on founder Isaac Calpito's Instagram account (@IsaacBoots) daily and remain up for 24 hours.

Who: Isaac Calpito

A former Broadway dancer and celebrity choreographer, Calpito has earned his rank as one of the most sought-after celebrity instructors based on his unique method. Calpito has taken Torch'd around the world and currently streams on fitness platform obé fitness. Celeb fans include Gwyneth Paltrow, Kelly Ripa and Vanessa Hudgens among others. Watch his live stream and you might just catch a familiar name in the comments section -- looking at you, Lisa Rinna!

What: They don't call it Torch'd without reason -- prepare to feel muscles you didn't even know existed on fire! The burn is similar to something you would find in a barre or reformer pilates class but the method in doing so is completely different. Torch'd aims to lengthen and tone your body by combining dance cardio (expect a lot of Madonna) with bodyweight resistance in targeted, repetitive movements in a flow format. Don't expect long water breaks or moments of pause -- the nearly non-stop flow is key to Calpito's method.

Equipment:Mat recommended. Light wrist and ankle weights will add difficulty to the class but aren't required -- Calpito designed the class to deliver results with or without the added weight.

Bottom line: If you've been craving the results that an expensive boutique pilates class offers you but have been too intimidated to sign yourself up, here's your chance. We won't lie -- the 50-minute class is hard, but Calpito's infectious energy mixed with killer playlists makes the long leg pulses and plank flows feel like you're lip-synching at a dance party sipping champagne with your friends ... that is until the second set burn starts to set in.

Donations: Calpito is collaborating with No Kid Hungry to encourage donations to help feed children in times of crisis.


Where: Instagram -- workouts are live-streamed at different times each day on Rumble's Instagram account (@doyourumble) and are saved to Rumble's IGTV page. Try to catch a session with Rumble power couple Andy and Julia Stern (@AndrewGStern and @JuliaLStern) to really get yourself hooked (pun intended!)

Who: Co-founder Noah Neiman (@NoahDNeiman) and top Rumble trainers are rotating with different boxing-inspired workouts to keep you jabbing, hooking and sweating in quarantine. A go-to for top models like Kendall Jenner and Hailey Bieber, the gym also counts David and Brooklyn Beckham among its fans.

What: The New-York based fitness concept combines boxing and strength training split between several 'rounds', with the company's newest concept, Rumble Training, swapping out the boxing for treadmill running. You can expect the same intensity with the at-home sessions -- think boxing-inspired HIIT training, bodyweight resistance moves and a whole lot of punching. Believe us -- you need to let that pent up quarantine frustration out more than you realize!

Equipment:Mat recommended. Light and heavier weights can enhance the workout but aren't required.

Bottom Line: If you want to sweat out everything you've been feeling while losing yourself in the method and madness that is free-punching, get on the mat. The workout is as challenging as it is freeing -- sometimes you need to just let it out to let it go.