Twitter users can’t figure out the right way to count to 5: 'Oh god we are losing it'


When you count to 5 on your hands, which finger do you start with?

On Twitter, this question has been the subject of debate ever since comedian Ahri Findling posed it on March 19.

“My wife and I are currently having an argument. When you count to 5 on your hand, do you count starting with your pointer [finger] and go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or do you start with your thumb and go 1, 2, 3, 4, 5?” Findling asked in a video.

In the comments, Twitter users can’t seem to come to a consensus over what the “right” way to count to 5 is.

“Thumb first ppl are COPS,” one Twitter user joked. Meanwhile, another user said that they count “thumb first unless [you’re] not counting all the way to 5.”

While some users are adamantly pro-thumb or pro-pointer, others have their own unusual way of counting to 5.

In a video response, one Twitter user can be seen counting to 5 using a method that one person described as “madness.”

Another user demonstrates starting with his ring finger (??) and then moving on to his pointer finger (??), his pinky (??), his middle finger (??) and this thumb (?????).

In response to the entire thread, model Chrissy Teigen simply wrote, “Oh god we are losing it.” We could not agree more.

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