TikTok is obsessed with this teen's homemade hibachi dinner

An amateur teen chef is keeping people entertained on TikTok by cooking elaborate meals for his family.

The chef — a teenager named Derek — has used social distancing as an opportunity to cook up “creative dinners” for his family.

“Since being quarantined my brother has made us creative meals,” Derek’s sister Caitlin wrote on TikTok. To date, she has posted several videos of her brother’s meals, including an airplane-themed dinner and a princess-themed dinner.

On March 21, Caitlin posted a video of dinner No. 3 to TikTok. The theme? Hibachi.

In the video, Derek can be seen preparing a detailed dinner for his family. The meal starts with some “homemade ramen” (AKA instant ramen) and continues with fried rice prepared just like it would be in the restaurant.

Derek takes his meals very seriously. For hibachi night, he even made his own sake bottle, not unlike the ones you’d see in a real hibachi restaurant.

“I’m afraid that’s all folks, thank you so much for coming tonight,” Derek says at the end of the meal as the whole family applauds.

TikTok users can’t get enough of Derek’s antics.

“I wanna be at the next family dinner,” one user commented on the latest hibachi video. “But how lucky are you to have a brother like that,” another responded.

In the comments, one user also asked the question on everyone’s minds: “Do your parents enjoy this?”

“Yes,” Caitlin replied, “they just don’t like cleaning up after him hahah.”

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