4 clever ways to get the most out of your smartphone

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We all have our pet peeves about our smartphones — whether its charging cords constantly fraying or the screen — but surprisingly there are things you probably have right now in your junk drawer that can help.

In this episode of Home Hacks, you’ll find four helpful ways to get the most out of your smart phone, including how to make a DIY stand (in case you don’t want to commit to a pop socket), fixing frayed cords, charging your phone faster and cleaning off an extra dirty screen.

To see all the tips for your smartphone in action, be sure to watch the video above and refer to the tips below.

Smartphone hacks to try at home:

  1. Create a DIY phone stand with only a paperclip and pin nose pliers.

  2. Use the spring of a retractable pen to help protect frayed cords.

  3. Switch your phone to airplane mode while it charges for a faster boost.

  4. Use a glasses lens cleaning wipe to make a phone screen look good as new.

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