4 quick hacks to get the most out of your makeup in a pinch

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Makeup routines can be expensive, which means we know how upsetting it can be when your favorite lipstick accidentally breaks off after only a few uses, or you don’t like the shade after you tried on in the store.

For a few fun makeup fixes, the latest episode of Home Hacks includes four easy tips to make the most of the makeup you already have at home without breaking the bank. From creating a smooth eyeliner line to adding moisture into a dry tube of mascara, we’ve come up with a few DIY hacks to solve some of the littlest (but most annoying!) makeup woes. Be sure to watch the video above to see all the tips below in action.

Makeup hacks to try at home:

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  1. If you can’t create a smooth eyeliner line, hold the eyeliner pencil over a lighter for three seconds.

  2. For dried-out mascara, drop a few drops of contact lens solution into the tube to instantly revive the formula.

  3. If your favorite lipstick just broke in your bag, flatten the base with a cotton swab, clean the edges, and then heat both ends with a lighter. Gently press back together and refrigerate for a bit, and it’ll be good as new.

  4. To change the look of your lipstick shade, use petroleum jelly and your favorite eye shadow shade to mix with your lipstick color.

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