23-year-old stirs debate after sharing conflict with 'elderly' roommate: ’That was the last straw for me’


A 23-year-old is causing a massive online debate after sharing the steps they took to stop their elderly roommate’s “invasive” intrusions.

The person shared their dilemma on Reddit’s AITA (Am I The A******) forum, where it quickly went viral. Writing under the username roommatetrouble1991, the user explained why they were forced to put additional locks on their bedroom and bathroom doors.

“As an extreme introvert who needs plenty of privacy and space, I initially thought living with somebody so much older than me would be better than someone my own age,” the Redditor wrote of their roommate, who he described as a woman in her 60s.

The Redditor goes on to explain that they moved to the woman’s house — where they rent their own private bedroom and bathroom for $1,000 per month — after getting a last-minute job offer. The situation quickly dissolved into a highly negative experience.

‘She is always in my business’

Rommatetrouble1991 went on to write that he realized they’d “made a mistake” when the older woman immediately started entering their bedroom and bathroom without his permission — sometimes to clean the spaces or encourage them to do so instead.

“She was going into my bathroom while I was gone, cleaning it and leaving me a passive-aggressive note saying, ‘cleaned your bathroom! here’s some cleaning supplies to do it yourself!'” the Redditor wrote.

The Redditor’s post also said that his roommate would constantly open their door for the “natural light,” and eventually started moving things around in their bedroom — which led to the “final straw.”

“I came home after a weekend away and noticed that the AC vent in my room was shut. When I asked her about it she said “oh yeah, I go in there sometimes when you’re out and close the vent so more AC comes into the living room,'” they wrote. “That was f****** it for me.”

‘An entitled millennial’

That decision led to the user’s roommate tell him he had “no right” to lock their doors.

“I wouldn’t have needed locks if she’d minded her own f****** business and stayed the hell out of my space like I’d asked her to do millions of times,” they wrote of the encounter.

The Redditor said that the argument ended with his roommate calling the user “an entitled Millennial,” and them slamming the door in her face.

“Living with her is a nightmare, and I pay good money for my privacy,” they wrote. “Will be moving out as soon as possible too.”

‘What she’s doing is extremely annoying’

Hundred of commenters weighed in on the situation, with the majority of users taking the Redditor’s side. Many wrote that despite the house belonging to the older woman, she was violating the space of a legal, rent-paying tenant.

“What she’s doing is extremely annoying and very possibly illegal. If she wanted the “natural light” or whatever she shouldn’t have rented out the room or bathroom in the first place. It’s completely within your right to put locks on your own private areas. She can suck it up,” one user wrote.

“It’s your space, you’re paying for it, and she’s violating your privacy,” another added. “Sounds like a nosy lady that just likes getting in other people’s business.”

Others suggested that the Redditor could’ve handled the confrontation better, despite admitting they were still probably in the right.

“You’re a hostile human,” one user wrote. “There’s no sense hating old people -—that’s just as stupid as her calling you an entitled millennial.”

“I think OP is an a******, but possibly not the asshole in this specific situation,” another summarized.

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