You can now get up to $150 off of a Theragun, but only for a limited time


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Here’s some big news: In an unprecedented move, Theragun is putting three of its popular devices on sale! The G3PRO, G3 and Liv are all discounted up to $150 off.

I used to think of a Theragun as a device for helping those with pain from exercising, chronic issues or sitting in the same position for too long. No matter the reason for your pain, the percussive therapy devices (aka massage guns) can help, but they can also help you to relax and even help you fall asleep.

"For centuries humans have understood how applying pressure to the body helped reduce tension and increase relaxation. Percussive therapy utilizes this language of pressure to communicate with your nervous system. When you use Theragun for 2-8 minutes on your body, you actually turn off your stress switch and turn on your relax switch," Founder of Theragun Dr. Jason Wersland said.

I recently gave the Theragun G3PRO a try for myself before and after an evening workout and felt the immediate benefits. Before cardio and strength training, I used the device to warm up and prepare my muscles in place of active stretching. After, I used it to help my muscles recover and I felt zero soreness the following day.

However, using a Theragun post-workout, I also felt so relaxed; it was like I was in a trance, as if I had just left a yoga class. Maybe a better comparison is the feeling you get after a massage, because that’s essentially what you’re getting.

According to the product description, the Theragun works by increasing blood flow to support the body’s natural recovery process through a powerful massage. To use, you want to lightly float the device over your muscles, being careful not to apply too much pressure. The brand also has an app with guides on how to treat different parts of your body for maximum effectiveness.

In addition to the current sale, Theragun is also donating a portion of all sales to support Feeding America and other similar charities across the world. The brand vows that for each Theragun sold, 100 meals will be provided to people across America. Theragun is also donating its devices to hospital break rooms to help nurses, doctors and other healthcare workers relieve tension and stress. Medical professionals in need can even send a direct message to @theragun on Instagram and they will send a device.

So, if you’re in the market for some serious relaxation or want a way to relieve your pain more naturally, shop the three devices below now on sale while supplies last. (Tip: Theragun also offers payment plans through Affirm with 0 percent interest rates.)

Shop: Theragun G3PRO, $449 (Orig. $599)

Credit: Theragun

The G3PRO is the most advanced of all of the devices. It has the most power, delivering up to 60 pounds of force in two speeds, and has an adjustable arm for hitting all those hard to reach spots. It also comes with two lithium ion batters and a charge case. Right now, get it for $150 off.

Shop: Theragun G3,$349 (Orig. $399)

Credit: Theragun

The G3 is the quietest of the devices, delivers up to 40 pounds of force and has two speeds for working your muscles. It also comes in two colors: white or black. Get it for $50 off!

Shop: Theragun Liv, $199 (Orig. $249)

Credit: Theragun

The Theragun Liv is the most affordable and lightweight of all of the devices. It delivers up to 30 pounds of force in one handy speed for treating problem areas and more. Get it for $50 off.

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