This nifty ice cube tray makes saving soups and stocks a breeze

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If you find yourself whipping up heaps of soup only to freeze most of it, this genius invention is for you. Souper Cubes provide an easier way to freeze and store stock, soups, sauces and other liquid-based foods. Plus, the molds make pretty mean ice cubes for a party punch.

Souper Cubes are silicon cube molds that can hold whatever liquid you want to freeze. And they are portioned into individual sizes so you can reheat some of a soup, stock or sauce without defrosting it all.

Shop: Souper Cubes One-Cup Set of Two, $42

There are two sizes of molds, one with two compartments and one with four compartments. Each of the four compartments in the smaller Souper Cube mold is equal to one cup, while the two compartment variety has each mold equalling two cups. This makes it a breeze to add the perfect amount of pre-frozen stock to a recipe — or to just reheat the perfect amount of soup.

The silicone mold makes it easy to pop out what you need, and freeze the rest. Plus, the mold comes with a lid so you don’t freezer burn your favorite soup.

Shop: Souper Cubes Two-Cup Set of Two, $42

A set of two Souper Cubes costs $42, which may seem steep. But these versatile cube creations give you a smart saving solution for your culinary creations — and also massive punch ice cubes all your friends will marvel over.

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