This 'all-in-one' icebox and tray hybrid will give you more freezer space


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Freezer space is something that’s scarce for many, especially those with smaller refrigerators and freezer units. So, when an opportunity arises to consolidate space, any and all suggestions are usually welcome — and some shoppers have concluded that this icebox and tray hybrid by Lékué is both a stylish and practical solution.

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Credit: Food52

Described as an “all-in-one solution,” this icebox can both make and store up to 132 ice cubes easily. It also features a lock-tight lid to ensure that no unwanted odors get inside the container.

What’s even better is that, while entertaining, users can place the box on any surface for immediate use, instead of struggling to use those loud and usually unattractive standard ice trays right out of the freezer.

Credit: Food52

The lid is made of 100 percent platinum silicone, making it completely bendable for easy release of the cubes into the bowl.

Boasting an overall customer rating of 4.4 stars on Food52, the product is a clear favorite among shoppers, with one admitting that it “replaced all my clunky ice trays.”

“We do not have an icemaker in our refrigerator. We used to have 4 plastic ‘stackable’ ice trays,” the reviewer continued. “The trays warp over time, and sometimes would stack such that ice would freeze the trays together. This little guy is a game changer, saving us valuable freezer space!”

Another reviewer praised its closed design and form factor, writing, “I really like that the ice is covered, protecting it from smells and deterioration.”

The same reviewer highlighted one minor criticism, however, adding that she has had to poke out the cubes individually while she expected them to fall out themselves. However, other users stressed that this is not a deal-breaker.

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