The president of Slovakia has, uh, nailed her coronavirus look

The president of Slovakia has, uh, nailed her coronavirus look

As the world attempts to contain the coronavirus outbreak, many people who are lucky enough to work from home kick off another week of wearing cozy, comfy and couch-friendly work attire.

Not Zuzana Čaputová, president of Slovakia. She attended a swearing-in ceremony of the new four-party coalition government in Bratislava, Slovakia’s capital, on Saturday in a head-to-toe color-coordinated look.

Face mask included.

Čaputová wore a rosy red boatneck dress with matching red pumps and red fabric mask for the occasion. Her outfit stood out even more because the rest of the attendees opted for standard light blue masks not at all coordinated with their outfits.

The look is a bit “Handmaid’s Tale,” a bit confusing and, well, a bit chic? At least according to some of the over 150,000 people who liked a tweet calling her “corona drip” “impeccable.”

As a reminder, you don’t need to wear a mask unless you are sick. We’re in the midst of a nationwide mask shortage, prompting fashion designer Christian Siriano and others to begin production on them and medical television shows like “Grey’s Anatomy” to donate their supplies.

Not to mention the Slovakian politicians are not exactly practicing social distancing here.

But the, uh, drip is undeniable.

  • This article originally appeared on HuffPost.