Man stirs up controversy after criticizing girlfriend’s weight: 'I’ve slowly lost sexual attraction for her, and I can’t help it'

A man is causing controversy online after revealing that he told his girlfriend that her weight is “becoming an issue.”

The anonymous individual shared his story in Reddit’s AmItheA******. In the post, the boyfriend, who goes by the username evilthrowaway153024, described the events leading up to the confrontation.

The post, which has received more than 300 comments and counting, begins by describing the relationship. According to the poster, he has been with his girlfriend for “over two years,” and though “things have been rocky here and there,” the relationship is generally fine.

“I’ve slowly lost sexual attraction for her, and I can’t help it”

As the post goes on, the Reddit user starts to talk about how his girlfriend has apparently stopped caring about her health.

“As time has gone on I’ve noticed she doesn’t care what she puts in her body, chips for breakfast or poptarts for dinner, she just does not care. On top of this she hates physical activity, and everyone has their issues, but I think it was starting to boil over. None of this is due to stress or anything of that sort, it’s just the way she is,” he wrote.

Because of all these changes to his girlfriend’s diet and exercise (and therefore body), the Reddit user says he’s “slowly lost sexual attraction” for his girlfriend.

“She asks why I don’t try to have sex as often all the time, and I avoided the question by saying things like ‘I’m too stressed’ or ‘I don’t feel it today’ which makes her mad,” he said.

Eventually, the Reddit user says that he did tell her the truth during an argument — “I said that her weight is becoming an issue. She needs to watch what she puts into her body and actually start exercising.” — and “this went as bad as you could expect.”

“She started grabbing a lot of her stuff that she keeps in my room (we don’t live together) and started throwing it away. She was mad I couldn’t just love her despite the weight, and honestly I was too,” he wrote.

At the end of the post, the man poses a question: “Am I the a******?”

“You kept lying and pushing a foundational issue farther down till it exploded”

In the comments, Reddit users have both criticized and defended the poster’s actions.

Those defending the poster believe that he was just being honest and answering his girlfriend’s questions.

“You aren’t going out of your way to tell her she’s fat etc. She asked you a question and you answered it. It’s not your fault you’re not attracted to her as much,” one user said.

“[Not the a******]. She asked you answered,” another user wrote. “She left you without any good options to react, so don’t blame yourself.”

Meanwhile, other users believe that the poster went about telling his girlfriend how he felt the wrong way.

“You’re the a****** — not for finding her less attractive but for HOW, WHEN, and WHY you told her,” one Reddit user wrote. “You waited till an argument when emotions are high [to tell her] … You kept lying and pushing a foundational issue farther down till it exploded.”

“If you aren’t into it anymore, break up with her… But you don’t need to ruin her self-esteem in the process,” another user added. “You think her weight is an issue? So move on and don’t be an a****** about it.”

What do you think about the whole situation?

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