Little girl includes hilarious note with homemade cookies: 'WELCOME HOME!'

A hilarious note written by a little girl named Molly is going viral on Reddit.

Reddit user TheH0Fposted the letter to the “Made Me Smile” page. In the caption, they wrote, “My wife and I brought home our newborn yesterday and some neighbors baked us cookies. Their daughter included this note.”

The neighbor’s daughter’s note reads: “These are for you. Please do not feed the baby or the dog. Love, Molly.”

Below her message, Molly was kind enough to illustrate her words. At the bottom of the page, she drew both a baby and a dog, both of whom appear to be wailing because they can’t eat a cookie.

“WELCOME HOME,” she wrote in all caps at the very bottom of the letter.

Reddit users think Molly’s letter is both practical and comical.

“Love the instructions. How thoughtful!” one user wrote. “Sound advice,” another joked.

What a great way to come home from the hospital.

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