Pet owner turns heads with ‘epic’ Netflix hack: ‘It’s cute and effective’

A Reddit user is showing off their ultimate relaxation method with a Netflix-watching technique that’s both resourceful and adorable.

The user, u/savage-dragon, shared a photo of themself and their kitten to the site’s r/aww forum.

“Just in case you were wondering what your cat could be used for,” the post read.

The image shows the kitten, which is warmly snuggled up in its owner’s lap, holding up a phone screen with its body. Meanwhile, the Redditor seems to be watching the South Korean Netflix series, “Kingdom,” according to several commenters.

Several Reddit users praised the idea as an “epic” and “purrrfect” binge-watching hack, telling the pet owner they’d found a great combination of two enjoyable things.

“This is amazing. It’s cute and effective,” one commenter wrote.

“That’s the most expensive phone stand I’ve ever seen,” another joked.

Other users theorized that the kitten was likely drawn to the heat given off by the phone, which made it want to stay in place. Regardless, several commenters suggested it was better than a traditional phone stand.

“Finally, A good phone stand. I’ve been looking for one,” one user wrote.

“Where does one purchase this cat item?” another asked.

The post, which received nearly 12,000 up-votes in its first day online, comes as millions of Americans are spending more time inside, streaming their favorite shows.

For those looking to stream with even more convenience, the Netflix “Party” extension lets viewers comment in a live group chat as they watch shows and movies with their friends.

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