This memory foam pillow is only $22 and has incredible reviews

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For many, falling asleep can be difficult, especially if your pillows don’t give you that comfy feeling. When there's continuous neck pain and constant readjusting in bed, it can totally prevent you from getting a good night's rest.

While some of us may have given up on finding the perfect pillow altogether, others may have continuously paid hefty price tags for ultimate comfort. However, if you’ve been on either side (personally, I’ve been on both!), don’t lose hope, there is one option on Amazon that has tons of positive reviews, a near-perfect rating and is only $22. Yes, uninterrupted sleep can now be attained at a super appealing price point!

Shop: Dream Rite Memory Foam Pillow, $21.00



Made out of shredded memory foam and polyester fiber, this pillow offers support and comfort for your neck, head and shoulders. With filling that’s easily removable, you can customize its fluff to the exact amount desired -- so if you feel like having a firm pillow one night and a softer pillow the next, both are attainable with this adjustable product. 

For those who are allergy-prone or have sensitive skin, this pillow is also hypoallergenic and resistant to dust mites. Its cover is made out of polyester and viscose rayon that’s derived from bamboo, allowing it to remain cool and breathable throughout the night. Plus, the entire pillow is machine washable, making it easy to clean and maintain.

One reviewer wrote, “I have tried so many pillows (and spent thousands of dollars) in search of a comfortable and good night's sleep. This pillow is amazing, I am waking up with no neck pain or headaches. I took out a few handfuls of the filling to get it to the right height for me and it is perfect. I highly recommend it."

Another wrote, “I love this pillow! I have gone through pillow after pillow. Usually after 2 weeks the pillows start losing its shape and it gets uncomfortable. But not this one. It holds its shape. I have had it for about a month now and not once have I had to reshape. Best part about it, I can throw it in the dryer and it will fluff back to original size. It’s really soft and supports very well.”

Since this pillow is made out of memory foam, you additionally won’t have to worry about replacing it quickly. The Sleep Doctor explains, “As a general rule, bed pillows need to be replaced after 18 months. Memory foam pillows typically last longer, up to three years.” Because of this pillow’s longevity and budget-friendly price, your wallet will ultimately thank you in the long run.

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