This $29 fridge deodorizer can help your produce last longer

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So, the strawberries spoiled again, huh? Despite your best efforts, you usually can’t control how long your fruits and veggies are going to last after you buy them … Or can you?

While it’s frustrating to buy a pack of strawberries and then throw them out before you’ve have the chance to eat them, thankfully, there might be a way for you to extend their life and the life of some of your other produce.

Fruits and veggies are famous for spoiling quickly because of the presence of ethylene gas that’s naturally released — which starts the process of decay. But the Berry Breeze Refrigerator Deodorizer can help control this gas in addition to removing the odors in your fridge.

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According to the product description, the device releases activated oxygen — otherwise know as Ozone (O3) — intoyour fridge at different times. This O3 sanitizes the air and slows down the decay process, which ultimately helps “stop” the ethylene gas.

While there’s no way to totally save your food from spoiling, the Berry Breeze deodorizer claims it can make much of it last “up to two to three times longer.” Although the product doesn’t have a lot of reviews, it’s listed as one of “Amazon’s Choice” items with many testifying that it did help prolong the life of some of their food.

“I bought two bunches of fresh spinach two weeks ago,” one buyer said. “I did NOT take care of them as I should have (wash, dry, layer with paper towels), and when I opened the produce bag this morning they were both still fresh. Only a few slimy leaves – which really could have been there when I purchased the bunches tp begin with.”

However, some reviewers mentioned the inconvenience of having to maintain the battery life.

“Works good but 4 D batteries come out too expennsive and they did not even provide the first ones,” one review said.

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