Instagram is obsessed with complimenting this terrified-looking cat

Instagram users have already proven to have an obsession with wrinkly Sphynx cats, but Lucy is different.

Lucy’s virality comes from her eerie resemblance to a bat, with her adorable enlarged head, big eyes and dark skin. The one-year-old suffers from a condition called hydrocephalus, where her spinal fluid is not absorbed in her body and instead accumulates in the brain.

This explains her oversized head. It’s an uncommon occurrence that left untreated can presumably cause a heavy pressure feeling in the cat’s head, although medication can be prescribed to lessen that pain.

It’s also uncommon for Sphynx cats to have the defect, seeing as Siamese, Persian and Manx cats are the most at risk for developing hydrocephalus.

Lucy’s owner Zilla told Ladbible that in Lucy’s case, her body managed to keep the pressure to a minimum, so she hasn’t experienced any neurological issues.

“Right now her life is basically normal,” Zilla said.

Zilla set up the Instagram to celebrate Lucy’s unique look. Now Lucy has over 22,000 followers and hundreds of positive comments from fans.

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