Father-daughter duo captures hearts with cheerleading routine

A Texas father-daughter duo has gone viral on social media for their heartwarming cheerleading routines.

On Wednesday, Instagram account, Embracing Black Culture, shared a series of clips in which Plano dad Roland Pollard and his 4-year-old daughter Jayden engage in several stunts.

“This is so precious,” the account wrote. “We’re about to go try this with our sibling during this quarantine.”

In one clip, Pollard is seen lifting an enthusiastic Jayden with one hand and twirling her. In another, Jayden jumps onto Pollard’s hand with one leg. The mesmerizing performances have since received over 41,000 likes altogether and nearly 1,000 supportive comments from fellow Instagram users.

“This is cute but let’s talk about this little girls TALENT,” one person wrote. “The sharpness, the form, the balance ….”

“That’s beautiful to see a tight trusting bond between daughter and father,” another commented.

In an interview with In The Know, Pollard, who runs a TikTok account that showcases his routines with his daughter, explained that he couldn’t wait until Jayden “was old enough to stunt” because he himself had cheered competitively for eight years.

“Everyone knew I was going to turn her into a flyer, but we didn’t realize she would catch on at 3 years of age,” the father admitted.

Pollard, however, was quick to note that he has never pressured Jayden —who will start competing on her first cheer team in April — into performing any of the routines.

“Everyone is super supportive of us because they know how much we both love it, and although we don’t stunt with a spotter, she is 100 percent safe in my hands,” he said.

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