Dad makes sure daughter's 21st birthday at home feels authentic: 'May I see your ID?'


There are so many iconic milestones to celebrate on a 21st birthday, but your dad checking your driver’s license in your house before handing you your first legal drink is a new one.

Gina DiFelce turned 21 while under quarantine, and her dad wasn’t going to let her off easy. In DiFelce’s TikTok of her big celebration, her dad took it upon himself to play bartender and inspect DiFelce’s ID before letting her have a drink.

DiFelce asks for an Aperol spritz and her dad promptly replies, “May I see your ID please?”

With his glasses propped up at the end of his nose, DiFelce’s dad closely inspects the license picture and compares it to his daughter’s face.

“Yup, okay,” he confirms before handing the ID back and taking out DiFelce’s drink of choice.

It’s no wild 21st birthday, but still a memorable one.

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